The restaurant’s namesake is twofold: the gold bullion issued under the French Minister of Finance Claude de Bullion under Louis XIII and the Latin definition of the verb “to boil” (bullīre).

Interior Design

Bullion, designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, was created with three key ideas in mind: firstly, to create an elegant yet casual fine dining restaurant with the ambiance, buzz, and feel of a brasserie.

Secondly, to build on the connection between Bullion and its antecedent state, gold, to create a leitmotif from which the design is centered. The Bullion visual experience begins with guests entering and ascending the staircase where they can seek comfort and refreshment in the bar and lounge area, with 36 seats, plus eight at the bar itself. Showcasing a bespoke lozenge-patterned floor in dark timber, and a richly decorated silk rug, the bar and lounge area has a highly decorative aesthetic bursting with exceptional detailing. A combination of seating in tones of blue and gold offers a relaxed area in which to sip and unwind, or alternatively, guests are able to perch at the bar, complete with a high-gloss wood top and woven leather front. A mixture of seating in the 96-seat dining room provides diners with options in which to socialize.

Thirdly, to offer the contemporary design that harks back to Dallas’ history and the glamour of the mid-century period. This was achieved in designing furniture in modernist and playful shapes and the finishes of the walls, floor, and bar in deep and luxurious materials.

The exterior facade of Bullion is clad in gold scales made of a copper and aluminum alloy, which provides an exquisite golden appearance. Depending on the incidence of light on the façade surfaces, a fascinating play of colors can be seen.


Original artwork is an important aspect of the Bullion experience. There are three very prominent site-commissioned installations. Upon entry to the space, as one walks up the grand staircase, there is a large-scale glass sculpture by Jean-Michel Othoniel. The back of the dining room is graced by an innovative and striking wall sculpture by Kathryn Andrews.

The painter Matthew Chambers created custom works in flocked canvas, that will encase some of the booths and the photographer Brock Fetch was recruited to take some Dallas’ specific photographs that are quite striking.

The elevator has a wonderful painting by Jeff Elrod who is an Irving, Texas native, presently based in Marfa, Texas. The space also features additional works by prominent contemporary artists: Elad Lassry, Anna Ostoya, Ugo Rondinone, and Nate Lowman.